Accent Velocity - Sequenced Emphasis [Max4Live]

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Accent Velocity is a step sequencer which boosts the velocity of incoming notes on steps you choose to accent - inspired by hardware drum machines. This device will take incoming drum patterns and re-invent their flavour and flow.

Playback and turn the Accent knob to alter the velocity difference between the accented and non-accented steps. With maximum accent the sequence will play the accented steps and reduce the velocity of any notes on the non-accented steps. You can also boost the accented steps to maximum velocity for more impact!

It'll sync up with Ableton each time you press play, Accent can be MIDI mapped and there are 9 preset slots to store your patterns!

Select steps to boost the off-beat or emphasise a four-on-the-floor ryhthm - as long as it's receiving notes, it'll have an impact. A nifty Invert button allows you to switch accented and unaccented steps over for a quick swap-around!

The length of the sequence can be changed from 1-32 steps - giving you an opportunity to utilise interesting rhythmns and timings. The sequencer clock can be altered to operate in forward, backward and ping-pong modes - as well as being randomised and reset to start

Included in the download are:

  • Install Guide
  • Manual
  • Max4Live AMXD File

Once purchased you can contact me any time using the built in Support button with questions, ideas and suggestions. All future updates of this device are FREE!

If you have any questions about the software, it's functionality or usage please contact me BEFORE purchase, as I do not offer refunds on software downloads.

Required Software: Ableton Live 10 and Max4Live (included in Suite version)

  • An install guide, PDF manual, Max4Live AMXD and one-to-one support.

  • An install guide, PDF manual, Max4Live AMXD and one-to-one support.


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Accent Velocity - Sequenced Emphasis [Max4Live]

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